How to Block Websites on Firefox in Simple Steps

Are you seriously troubled by assured websites and want to block them? If yes, you should be seeking for the settings in internet browser to stop the websites. While other browsers let users to block the websites just by changing the settings, Mozilla Firefox requires few third party add on programs to block the websites. Read important instructions or blog tips how to block the websites on Mozilla Firefox. If you face any kind of technical inconvenience, you should call at Mozilla Firefox Browser Support Number 1-800-834-1377 to get instant technical solutions.


Mozilla Firefox Browser Support

Open Tools Menu in Mozilla Firefox: –

Launch Mozilla Firefox and choose “Tools”menu. Click “Add-ons” and then choose “Get Add ons”.

Enter “Blocksite” in the search bar and press “Enter” option: –

You have to type “Blocksite” in the search bar and press”enter”. Choose “Add to Firefox” then select “Accept and Install” and click on “Install now”. In the case, you receive a message showing that Firefox should be restarted. Now click select “Restart Firefox” button and open the internet browser again. If you do not know this step, you should hire Mozilla Firefox Browser Technical Support services instantly.

Go back to “Tools” menu: –

You should navigate back to “Tools button once your browser restarts. Now click on “Add-ons” and seek for block sites in your list of Add-ons. Choose on the “options” menu.

Check the Significant Boxes: –

Keep in the mind to check out the boxes under “Enable Functions” heading including “Enable Block site”, Enable warning messages and “Enable link removal”. Also choose the radio option adjacent to “Blacklist”. If any issue occurs, call at Mozilla Firefox Browser Tech Support number to get the best technical support.


Click on Add Option: –

Choose the add button and enter or type the URL of the website that you want to block on the text box and press OK button.

Put Checkbox “Enable Authentication Box: –

You have to insert a check box in the “Enable Authentication” box and insert a password if you want use block site as password secured. This will make users capable to enter the password to edit, add or delete the websites from the list of blocked websites. If you are not able to identify any kind of technical issue, you can Mozilla Firefox Browser Customer Support services immediately.

In this way, you will be capable to block the websites in Firefox. For any technical query, contact at toll free calling number 1-800-834-1377 to get best answers immediately.

Non Stop Technical Support for Compaq Desktop

In the age of computer technology, everyone is using computers nowadays rapidly around the world. Every user has to make sure that Compaq desktop should not get corrupted at any cost. In such types of cases, you face such types of technical issues with your Compaq desktop, you can go for reliable and secure Compaq Technical Support services immediately. This service is specially designed to ignore such type of difficulties from occurring into your Compaq desktop. You can do a driver scan perfectly that will display you the standard of your desktop hardware. This gives automatic updates immediately. This software program accentuates on hardware needing updating and provides the most appropriate solutions. This is a little tough and takes up less work in the comparison to other ways. There are multiple solutions to go for and all that is required perseverance and desire.


Compaq Support Phone Number

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How to Change Google Chrome Downloading Settings

Google Chrome is considered as one of the most popular and extensively used web browsers in all over the world. This browser is highly demanded among users because of its high customizability. Almost users can customize anything with Google chrome as per their preferences. You can select to customize your Google chrome downloading settings. Downloading settings assists customers to decide how to manage the downloads. However changing download settings in this browser needs a little bit of technical knowledge or technical advice that can be obtained just by reading few instructions given below:-

Launch Google Chrome: –

In order to change the download settings in this browser, you should open Google chrome web browser. If you are unable to identify actual issue, you should hire reliable Google Chrome Tech Support services in lowest charges.


Google Chrome Support Number

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Is HP Printer Showing Offline? How to Fix it Yourself?

A status message of printer offline shows on the computer and it means that this printing machine does not print. This offline message indicates that the computer is unable to communicate with the printer properly. So this result shows that the printer displays offline. Printer showing offline is the most common technical problem with any HP Printer. The device stops working or stops functioning, and then it means that some technical error is occurring with the device. Do not get confused as you should have a hand on tool to get it fixed and that may be too without any cost. If you are using HP user, you know about HP print diagnostic utility. On other hand, it is not available for Mac users and older products. You need to download this tool, if you have a windows based PC and run it successfully to fix different types of print issues immediately. If you are not able to identify this issue, you should need to call at toll free HP Printer Tech Support number 1-800-834-1377 to get quick technical advice.


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How to Resolve Low Printing Problems of HP Printer

If you are a new user of HP printer daily, you are facing technical errors like slow printing suddenly or your printer stops working immediately. Print speeds are very low than expected, therefore all HP customers will get very slow print outs. How to solve slow printing issues of printer? If you get any technical issue into your device, you must connect with online technical professionals. You should follow few important steps given below:-


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Learn Important Steps to Repair Canon Printer

Canon Printers are well known quality products known for quality printing and durability. These devices have salient and latest features, so they are now in the big demand among Canon printer users. These printers are also easy to use and maintain and affordable in the rates. If your printer stops working or not providing the desired results, your printer has some technical faults. You need to repair it and follow some important instructions to fix common issues of your printer carefully. In such cases, you need to take Canon Printer Technical Support Services immediately or you can contact at Canon Printer Support Number +1-800-834-1377 for quick solutions.

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How to Troubleshoot Mac Mini Startup Issue?

Mac mini, a product of apple comes with complete package of running a computer on Mac OS X operating system. To use his device, you need to install a monitor and other peripherals in a proper way. However, just like other Mac devices it also face technical problems which can be easily fixed with the help of right troubleshooting process discussed below.

mac-os-x-probelms-and-solutions8Check and Verify the Connections

Mac Mini showing startup problem means sometimes your system reboots and sometimes not that can cause hardware failure or other technical problems if not taken-care timely. Hence, first check your Mac Mini power cable and wire connection with monitor, as loose connection or damaged wire can create system startup issues.

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How to Remove iSearch AVG from Browser?

In the AVG Antivirus Tech Support, there is a package and this includes internet browser toolbar. This toolbar sets browser homepage to This may also change the search engine that is used. There are many users who would like to configure the browser as well as the search settings for their own liking. In order to achieve this, there has to be a removal of iSearch AVG.

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How, why and when to boot your Mac in Safe Mode?

You can start the Mac in the safe mode. Safe Mode is also referred as the Safe Boot and this is also known as stripped down version of Mac OS X operating system.  It allows one to get into computer and after that troubleshoot or save the documents in case the normal operating system does not boot up. It is simple to start Mac in safe mode either by entering the command in terminal or by using the keyboard.

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Disabling the McAfee—Ways to do it

If you use the McAfee, it is going to keep the computer safe from the virus attacks. It will keep the computer safe from the virus infections. There are times when for installing the program, you need to disable it or you will have to disable it if you do the advanced task on the computer. From the system tray menu, you can disable the McAfee antivirus support but what will you do in order to uninstall it in the complete manner. In such a case, one will have to follow some tricks.

Disabling the McAfee on the temporary basis:

Consider as if it is enabled

There are programs that will ask for disabling the antivirus during the time of installation but this is not actually required in the virtual manner. Make the installation proceed without the hurdles. If you disable the antivirus during the time of installation, there are chances of malware attack as malware can be located in the installer.


In the system tray, there is McAfee icon and one can double click on it

This is located in the lower right desktop corner. It is in the red shield and is in the shape of “M”. In case, you do not see the icon, click the arrow button that is located at the system trey edge for expansion of tray and displaying all icons.

Clicking the Real Time scanning

This is located on the window top under the green banner. It will display ON by default.

Disabling the real time scanning

When you click the button, you have option to disable real time scanning and disable for the time you want. Without active protection, you should not go too long. For the McAfee antivirus support, you can talk to the customer care executive of a 3rd party company.