Easy Technical Ways to Install HP Printer

One of the fast and best ways to install HP printer is by using USB flash drive. For that, you should have the driver downloaded on USB drive. HP offers such type of drivers with preloaded drivers. You need to download the driver to drive from the web.

If you face any technical difficulty during the installation using USB, you can get in touch with toll free HP Printer support number 1-800-834-1377 for quick guidance. Here are the easy technical instructions given below:-

  • Insert USB pen drive in USB port of your computer system
  • Let the computer system detect the drive, now open the driver folder where printer files are fully saved.
  • Make double click on “installation” file.
  • Check that you want to continue with installation on the dialogue box which will display.
  • Installation procedure will begin. You can follow easy onscreen steps to complete the procedure.
  • There are few settings, you will need to select during the installation process.
  • The instructions to install hp printer using USB are simple. However, if you face any difficulty, you should contact at HP Scanner Tech Support Number for immediate assistance.

Installing HP printer just by using CD drive:- When you purchase a new printer, you are offered with driver installation CD. Installation using CD is very straight. However, in few rare cases, you may face some difficulty. Therefore, if you are stuck or need assistance, easily call HP printer help. Here, how can you install printer using CD:-

  •  Insert CD in the disk drive.
  • Normally the computer system will detect the drive as installation disks come with Auto run features.
  • In the case, Auto run does not initiate, you can go to CD drive directly in my computers and start the Setup.exe file from there.
  • The installation procedure will be the same as USB drive installation. You will need to follow the onscreen steps and the printer will be installed on your computer system. If you have any issue regarding this issue, you can call directly online technical support team to get quick help. And you can also take remote tech support services immediately.

In the severe cases, If you do not have idea for HP printer installation process, you should call live technical support team through HP Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-834-1377 to get best technical support or free technical advice for any issue. Our printer experts are very experienced to guide you properly in order to install your device and make you happy and satisfied.

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How to Reinstall All Drivers on A Dell Studio XPS?

Are you an owner of a Dell Studio XPS? But it is hampered with various types of technical issues that are provoking you to format it? Or your Dell XPS is attacked by malwares and complete formatting is the only option left for you? However, it should be noted that when you do factory resetting or formatting you have to obtain and reinstall all the drivers of the Dell Studio XPS laptop. The following blog is for Windows 7 users who are planning a complete uninstall and reinstall of Windows 7 on Dell Studio XPS. For detailed guidance on this topic, contact our Dell Computer Support experts.

Dell Technical Support Number

Dell Technical Support Number

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Online Technical Steps to Reboot a Dell Computer

Shutting down Dell computer is an expected action that you will take at some point while or after you are finished preparing your assignment, downloading windows or playing a game or Dell updates. Reboot may be an automatic action after your Dell computer faces a technical issue such as blue screen of death error or windows OS or other such type of issues. If not it is forced, you must reboot your Dell computer properly to ignore losing unsaved changes or encountering errors with Microsoft Outlook or other programs. So, you should follow few important instructions to reboot your Dell computer properly. And for any technical help, you can call reliable Dell Computer Support team to get right steps for this issue.

Dell Technical Support Number

Dell Technical Support Number

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How to Stop Sony Vaio Laptop from Overheating?

Overheating errors of Sony laptop can become a major reason of hardware damage if not resolved timely. Many Sony Vaio laptop users avoid it and face unexpected technical issues that disturb their work.  The reason behind overheating of device could be anything from non-stop video watching or air vent not working rightly, processor working with additional load from longer time.

Avoiding of overheating can build prime technical errors at critical levels. Before Sony laptop hardware parts get damaged or it begins software problems, you need to fix the root cause of overheating errors. Here, we are sharing some important steps for you how to prevent Sony Vaio Laptop from overheating?


Sony Vaio Support Phone Number

How to Use Sony Vaio Laptop Resourcefully?

A Sony Vaio laptop is a new device that must be used after placing at appropriate surface. Often, users keep it on inappropriate positions such as over the lap, pillow, bed, Couch or clothes which are not correct from air ventilation point of view. Although, overheating errors must be identified professionally and resolved with the help of online Sony Vaio Laptop Support. But ignore using laptop at such type of places that will stop it from overheating.

Suggested Room Temperature:

Using laptop at bearable range of temperature can keep such type of machines cool down and excellent performance.  The excellent suggested temperature range for Sony Vaio laptop is between 0°C to 35°C with humidity not above 90%. Using your device under high room temperature not assists its ventilation system to cool down it processor. The system works perfectly if you keep it at best temperature and below the freezing the temperature it not works rightly. If you have any issue, you should call at toll free Sony Vaio Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 for instant help.


Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines: –

To bring down the temperature of your Sony Vaio laptop, an air vent runs continuously when you begin your system. So, each user should keep the maintenance of their device specially the vents that discharges the air from the inside assists cooling down the system through the use.

Update Bios and Hardware Devices: –

The temperature indicating table must be updated daily to get the actual updates of processor temperature. BIOS is a necessary service that must be updated daily to ignore overheating errors. To update BIOS, call at Sony Vaio Support Number and get proper setting with essential configuration as per the system requirements.

How to Download Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows 7, 8 and 10

Most widely used and recognized MS office version of Microsoft, MS Office 2010 is gaining a lot of popularity in terms of user interference and useful tools in Word, Excel and Power point. Are you looking for installing Microsoft office 2010 on your system but you are stuck in a difficult situation where you are not able to get a right solution to from your local stores? Well, online certified technical experts and troubleshooters are applying the right steps to fix this issue simply. Online users can download Micro soft office 2010 easily and directly from the internet within few minutes. If they are unable to download Micro soft office 2010, you should hire Microsoft Office 2010 Tech Support instantly or follow few important instructions given below: –


Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Support Number

Step 1: – This step is very necessary and important for downloading from Micro Soft Account:-

  • Firstly a MS office user is needed to visit the Micro Soft office 2010 download page.
  • Click On “Download Button” Directly.
  • An online user is needed to have patience to wait for few minutes to let download button to finish its task.
  • Install Micro soft Office 2010 instantly. If you are unable to do this, you should call experienced technicians to get Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Support within few seconds.

Step 2: – Second step is very important for downloading Microsoft office 2010 in the simple ways.

  • Easily find out a copy of your Micro soft office 2010 to download it from the preferred download website.
  • Scanning of file for hazardous viruses is very necessary to go ahead with.
  • Make quick search for product key. This product needs a valid product activation key for downloading.
  • After the product key is verified, choose a product language from menu.
  • Click on a download link to start the downloading process.
  • Installation of the MS office program is needed at last. If any user is experiencing any kind of difficulty, hire MS Office 2010 Technical support services from certified computer technicians within few seconds.


With the help of advance technology, online certified technicians are skillfully, technically and professionally trained and experienced for guiding every user step by step for downloading MS office 2010 successfully. They are very professionals and experts for making downloading process easy, stress free and affordable. If you want to ask more from experts, you must hire trustworthy and safe Microsoft office 2010 customer support within few seconds. This service is very easy, secure and affordable, therefore calling on toll free number 1-844-200-0209 will be a big benefit in itself.

Learn The Easy Ways To Turn Off The Dell Inspiron 15


Dell Technical Support Number 

Dell Inspiron 15 is a wonderful laptop that supports Windows operating system. This laptop supports both Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions. It is preferred by users because of its robust built and good specifications. Its budget friendly nature makes it a good choice for students. If you are using a Dell Inspiron 15 computer, you must be aware of its various functions. However, if you don’t have much technical knowledge about Dell Inspiron 15 computer and struggling to turn off of your system, here is some help for you. Read further to learn how to turn off Dell Inspiron 15 in Windows 7 and Windows 8 laptop. Additionally, you can call at Dell Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 to get connected with experts to get detailed guidance on this topic.

For More Information Visit Link: – http://freetechsupports.blogspot.com/2018/01/learn-easy-ways-to-turn-off-dell.html

Dell Customer Technical Support Number 800-834-1377


Dell Technical Support Number

If you are facing technical issues with frequent shut down and restart in your dell computer, you need to take the help from dell computer experts to fix this technical issue. The reason for this error may differ from overheating errors to short circuit or hardware issues. There may be different reasons that can lead to frequent turn on/off error in your computer, hence it is very compulsory that you need to take proper steps to repair this issue and fix it to its core.

Visit Link: – http://freetechsupports.blogspot.com/2017/10/how-to-fix-regular-turn-on-off-error-in.html

Important Reasons, Why to Browse with Google Chrome?

Google chrome is the mostly preferred web browser by common computer users around the world. Developed and designed with advance and user friendly features, it gives the best opportunity to enjoy the best web browsing experience at different operating system platforms. However, there are several users who do not prefer to use it, but discovering its hidden features will encourage them certainly.

Quicker Web Page Loading Speed: –

Any website fully loaded with text, graphics and video can be loaded simply and speedily without consuming a lot of time on Google Chrome browser. If your Google chrome is displaying some kinds of loading errors, you can solve this error easily with the help of online Google Chrome Tech Support.


Google Chrome Support Number

Fast Access to Preferred Websites: –

With pinned selections, online users can pin down the website for fast click directly from the task bar on their windows. This important application assists users save time to open Google chrome and type website URL, in the place of they can click on the pinned websites and open at that time they look for visiting on that web page.

Controlled Browsing Privacy Settings: –

Tracking Protection is the best feature that helps online users to restrict the browsing communication with different websites to keep your browsing trend and other information confidential. If you are unable to find this tab, you should call at Google Chrome Support Number 1-800-834-1377 for quick help.

Well Organized Downloading Records: –

A download manager keeps the list of downloaded files in the simple ways. This feature also informs online users if downloaded file found malicious and permits stopping or restarting the downloading as per their needs and convenience. This is much managed downloading web application.

Simply Controllable Add on Management: –

The latest version of Google chrome is available along with better add on management to make browsing experience more controllable and communicating for various categories of online users. For any technical error, hire Google Chrome Technical Support services immediately from online certified technicians.

Google Chrome

Fast Web Search and Address Bar: –

Google chrome address bar is available with integrated search box alongside permitting online users to either visit on any website or search keywords with option to select the favored search engine. Online users can navigate between address bar & search box and if any help required call certified technicians.

Reformatted More User Friendly Tab Pages: –

Online user’s visit many websites sometimes will get a fast access option to click on visited websites. They should reopen closed tabs or previous open web pages or restart under a private browsing session. If users have any difficulty, they should hire Google Chrome Customer Support services immediately.

Looking for Dell Laptop – 15-inches Mobile Workstation is a Best Option

If you have decided to buy Dell laptop with 15-inches screen size, then Dell Mobile workstation would be a best option that will provide you a different computing experience with best Dell laptop support. Built with rich features, Dell has infused the latest technology to make it a high performance device that can meet the demand of different category of users including households and professional users. If you want to know more information, you must call at Dell Laptop Technical Support Number 1-800-834-1377 for immediate results.


Full HD with Ultra HD Display Option

Dell mobile workstation comes with option to choose full HD and Ultra touch panels with extraordinary display. This gives a rich quality display across the panel for viewing any kind of application of other videos or multimedia files. Dell has used best quality LCD panels and screens which can give long-lasting performance with extra durability. However, in case of any damage customers can call instantly at toll free Dell Computer Tech Support Number to get the best and complete technical support services at very reasonable charges?

Powered with High Performance Processer 

Dell Mobile Workstation is power with either a 2.3-GHz Core i5-6300HQ, a 2.7-GHz Core i7-6820HQ, or a 2.8-GHz Xeon E3-1505M quad core processor, which gives it a high speed computing machines that can run any large application or utility software. It is equipped with NVidia Quadro M1000M GPU with 2GB of DDR5 memory and its Two DIMM slots can add up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM as per his needs. Online Customers facing technical problems while enhancing the RAM of this laptop can get Dell laptop support service online. If you are confused to know latest information about laptop, you should connect with online certified technicians at Dell Customer Support Phone Number to know everything about the device.


Dell Tech Support Number

Multiple Connectivity and Long Battery Life

With multiple connectivity ports Dell Mobile Workstation laptop can be connected with HDMI players and other media device. With the precise screen size of 14.06 x 9.27 x 0.45-0.66 inches it has one HDMI and two USB ports. This gives a wide option to connect multiple devices at the same time. It has two type capacity batteries to provide different option for customer to choose as per their usability. 56-watt-hour battery gives around 11 hour backup while 84-watt battery can hold up your laptop up to 16 hours. If you do not have knowledge, you must call at Dell Technical Support Number for additional information.

How to Make Opera Browser Safe?

Opera web browser is very latest and greatest in the browser technology, which is available in the latest version of windows, MAC OS and Linux operating systems. This browser is also available for windows phones, IOS, android devices and blackberry.  It is considered as most protected browser in the market and it is free web browser that makes internet browsing very fast on very slow connections. It has some unique and latest features like light weight browser and superior technology that make it different from other browsers available. While using it, many users have some queries or users can face some kinds of technical problems, they must call at toll free Opera Browser Customer Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 for immediate technical support.


Opera mini browser is well known for mobile and tablet users, who can enjoy uninterrupted browsing experience at one click.  Unlimited customer support is helpline number where customers can get the complete solutions to all browser related issues immediately and additional knowledge too. Different types of issues can come across a customer while he is using opera web browser and this is impossible for online customers to resolve those issues himself and he see himself in a lot of troubles. But don’t worry more for all these errors, Opera Browser Technical Support is available 24/7 around the world. Therefore just by hiring such type of services, users can get the excellent tech services only in the most reasonable charges.

This is really an easy, quick and sage web browser that has become the first choice of today people. It also increases system performance compared with others. It is known as the best instance of technological uprising and industry supremacy factor. Due to some unique features like privacy functions, tabbed browsing, improved safety and better synchronization, hence it has gained a lot of popularity among all computer users. It is the best option for home and business users because it is very easiest and safest browser compared with all others. If you feel any kind of difficulty to know more about it, you can easily hire online Opera Browser Tech Support services within few seconds.


Opera Browser Support Number

This is very necessary and important for all users to connect with online technical support engineers, if they are facing technical problems such as downloading & installation errors, slow speed, Update & restoration problems, private browsing errors and many others. Opera Browser Support Number is a toll free calling number opened 24/7 to provide instant technical solution immediately. This is the best option for every user, while using this browser.