How to Troubleshoot Mac Mini Startup Issue?

Mac mini, a product of apple comes with complete package of running a computer on Mac OS X operating system. To use his device, you need to install a monitor and other peripherals in a proper way. However, just like other Mac devices it also face technical problems which can be easily fixed with the help of right troubleshooting process discussed below.

mac-os-x-probelms-and-solutions8Check and Verify the Connections

Mac Mini showing startup problem means sometimes your system reboots and sometimes not that can cause hardware failure or other technical problems if not taken-care timely. Hence, first check your Mac Mini power cable and wire connection with monitor, as loose connection or damaged wire can create system startup issues.

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Disabling the McAfee—Ways to do it

If you use the McAfee, it is going to keep the computer safe from the virus attacks. It will keep the computer safe from the virus infections. There are times when for installing the program, you need to disable it or you will have to disable it if you do the advanced task on the computer. From the system tray menu, you can disable the McAfee antivirus support but what will you do in order to uninstall it in the complete manner. In such a case, one will have to follow some tricks.

Disabling the McAfee on the temporary basis:

Consider as if it is enabled

There are programs that will ask for disabling the antivirus during the time of installation but this is not actually required in the virtual manner. Make the installation proceed without the hurdles. If you disable the antivirus during the time of installation, there are chances of malware attack as malware can be located in the installer.


In the system tray, there is McAfee icon and one can double click on it

This is located in the lower right desktop corner. It is in the red shield and is in the shape of “M”. In case, you do not see the icon, click the arrow button that is located at the system trey edge for expansion of tray and displaying all icons.

Clicking the Real Time scanning

This is located on the window top under the green banner. It will display ON by default.

Disabling the real time scanning

When you click the button, you have option to disable real time scanning and disable for the time you want. Without active protection, you should not go too long. For the McAfee antivirus support, you can talk to the customer care executive of a 3rd party company.