How to Change Google Chrome Downloading Settings

Google Chrome is considered as one of the most popular and extensively used web browsers in all over the world. This browser is highly demanded among users because of its high customizability. Almost users can customize anything with Google chrome as per their preferences. You can select to customize your Google chrome downloading settings. Downloading settings assists customers to decide how to manage the downloads. However changing download settings in this browser needs a little bit of technical knowledge or technical advice that can be obtained just by reading few instructions given below:-

Launch Google Chrome: –

In order to change the download settings in this browser, you should open Google chrome web browser. If you are unable to identify actual issue, you should hire reliable Google Chrome Tech Support services in lowest charges.


Google Chrome Support Number

Go to Settings Menu: –

In this browser, go to 3 parallel lines button that is positioned at the top right corner of application. Just by clicking on it will open the drop down menu. In this menu, navigate to the settings button and click on it. If you have no idea about the settings, you should hire Google Chrome Customer Support services instantly.

Navigate to Advance Settings:-

Just by clicking on the settings will open a new tab with your browser settings. Scroll down via menu and you will see “Show Advanced Settings”. If you don’t have knowledge about this step, you should call at Google Chrome Support Number 1-800-834-1377 to get instant technical solutions.

Choose Downloads from Menu: –

You have to wait for advanced settings to display all the contents. Once the settings are loaded and navigate to subheading called “Downloads”.

Define if You Need a Default Download Folder: –

Select your default download folder where you want to save your downloaded files and data. In the case, you want to change your default folder; you have to click on the gray “Change” box beside the option. You have to use the window to find the folder you need to use as default folder and then click on “OK button”.


Define if You Want to Choose Where Downloads Will Get Saved: –

You can select if you want to choose the destination of each individual download than having them downloaded into one folder. Lastly exit downloads settings menu.

Lastly Exit the Downloads Settings Menu: –

Thus, you will be capable to change Google Chrome Downloads settings. For any technical problem regarding to Google Chrome, you should contact directly at toll free Google Chrome Technical Support number immediately.


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